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UW’s Misleading Press Release on Early Puberty

February 9, 2012

Notice this article from New Scientist magazine in 2007

Childhood obesity brings early puberty for girls, Phil McKenna. 2007. NewScientist

Increasing rates of childhood obesity may be responsible for a dramatic increase in early-onset puberty in girls, new research suggests.

Now read the UW’s recent announcement five years later

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study using primates could offer answers as to why girls are reaching puberty earlier, in some cases as young as age 7.

For years researchers have been studying why young women are maturing faster. Doctors believe early puberty in women may lead to breast cancer and type 2 diabetes later in life, and that it might stunt brain development in the final stages of the maturation process.

Read Rick Bogle’s examination of the latest “breakthrough” in primate experimentation at the UW.

Primate Freedom: UW Issues Misleading Press Release.

And a recent report from WISC’s David Douglas.


Please Madison media, stop reporting on everything the UW Primate Center hands you without doing some research yourself.


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