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Susan Michaud: Find fair events that don’t terrorize animals

July 10, 2012

During the summer, local fairs often feature “mutton busting” and “pig wrestling.”

For those who don’t know what mutton busting is, terrified sheep try to get kids off their backs. If an animal jumped on your back, you would do everything you could to try to get it off, and most of us would be traumatized by the experience.

Likewise, pigs try to get away from “wrestlers” because they are also terrified. If an animal attacked you and wouldn’t let go, you would do everything you could to get away, and most people would be traumatized.

Kids and adults should not terrorize animals. It’s a bad lesson for kids to learn and bad for adults to model cruelty to animals. Let’s find some real fun.

— Susan Michaud, Black Earth

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Susan Michaud: Find fair events that don't terrorize animals.

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  1. Leslie Zumpano
    August 22, 2012 at 4:20 pm | #1

    I don’t get it! What is that picture about??? That’s terrible! What the heck are they doing to that poor pig??? Poor baby! OMG. This is awful. Please say something about the picture you posted. What the heck is going on at fairs? I don’t go to these things because I can’t handle seeing all the animals chained all day so everyone can gawk at them. I have said things to the farmers and they laugh and it’s no big deal to them. The animals aren’t anything to them to care about other than the dollar signs and recognition for a “prize” animal. Please expand on what this poor awful sweet pig picture is about. If there is something to get involved in so this whatever it is that’s going on is stopped, I would like to have the information and not just be left with this awful image in my head and heart.
    Thank you.

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